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Welcome to LandShark. 

Please be aware of several items that will expand and improve your search.

A computerized grantor/grantee index (i.e. LandShark name search) is available from 1976 to present.

  You may access documents recorded prior to 1976 if you know the appropriate document number.  A link has been provided to a site that includes scans of all our index books from 1843 to present.  This is the resource you should use to find the correct document number.


If you also use the Tax site and the GIS site, you have noticed the document reference portion.  Typically, you will see something such as 145/098.  Unfortunately, this is where several separate systems and procedures cause confusion.  The Register of Deeds has BOOKS A-Z and 1-392.   If the reference is a number that starts with 209 to 392, you can use the volume/page search function on LandShark.  For instance, 365/219 should be available. 

If the number starts with 101 to 209, it could be EITHER a book/page or reel/image, as both number ranges were used with both indexing systems.  For reference, a reel/image would indicate a document most likely dated between 1975 and 1987.  A volume page would indicate 1843 – 1975.  The majority of tax and GIS references are reel/image and can’t be found on LandShark using the vol/pg function.  You must know the document number to access these documents.




The computerized tract index was started in 2004.  Any document recorded prior to that date will not be found using a legal description search.  The exception to this rule are Plats and CSMs.  All of these have been entered into the tract index.


                Please refer to the LandShark hints and FAQs link for more information.


                                                        LandShark hints and FAQs




  1. No charge for basic recording information – There is also no charge to view the scanned index books.The pages and sections are set up with hyperlinks.Just click on the section you would like to view.

  2. There is a charge for viewing/printing scanned images of the actual documents.  The fee is $2.00 for the 1st page, $1.00 per additional page, per document.  Payment can be made by credit card or through the establishment of an escrow account.  A flat rate subscription is also available for $200 per month.Please contact the Sauk County Register of Deeds for more information.







    What is basic recording information? 

    Type of instrument, document number, document date, recording date, Grantor(s), Grantee(s), brief legal description, transfer fee paid and return address.


    What was the consideration for a real estate transaction?

    Deeds seldom actually include the price of the real estate; however, if a transfer fee has been paid, that fee is part of the recording information.  It reflects a tax of $3.00 per $1,000 of consideration.  To determine the actual consideration, divide the transfer fee by 0.003.


    What types of searches are available? (Start by clicking the “Search” tab on top)

    Document searches are available if you know the specific document number.  Just enter the number and click “Search.”

    Grantor (Seller) and Grantee (buyer) searches are done by clicking the “name” tab.  Enter the name of a buyer or seller and click “Search.”  Less is more – best results by entering last name, then first 1 or 2 letters of the first name, then scroll the results.

    Legal (tract) searches can be done by numerous fields.  Lot/Block, CSM, and Qtr/Qtr S/T/R.  Click the type of tract search (metes/bounds, plat or condo). Each item then shows a blue line, such as “Plat Locator,condo locator, etc.” This is a drop down function that will provide a list of all the plats.  Once you have found the correct plat, simply click the plat name.  You may then enter a unit, lot or block.

    Tax liens search is non functional.  All federal tax liens are included in the regular real estate index and are available via a name search.  State tax liens are filed with the Sauk County Clerk of Court.


    The instrument type seems to be abbreviated – how do I find out what they are?

    Just point to the instrument type and the abbreviated version will expand to full detail.  As a rule, if text, numbers or ovals are light blue in color, they contain information.  For instance, our 1987-2004 documents were converted to the new system.  The typed, abbreviated legal descriptions are actually viewable in the comments field.


    I only want to search for deeds.  How can I do that?

    Under the initial search of name or legal description, there is a drop down box for instrument group.  Simply select the instrument type you would like. (Note:  This filters through a lot of documents, so it may take some time for the results of the search.)


    How do I find a Certified Survey Map?

    If you know the map number, then you should do a name search.  Enter “CSM”, space, then the map number.  All CSMs dating back to 1950 are available through LandShark. All subdivision and condo plats dating back to 1900 are available. You must change the default date of Feb 1987 to Feb 1800 when searching for plats and CSMs.


    Will LandSharktm show me all the “liens” on a property?

    Not necessarily.  While mortgages and federal tax liens are recorded in the Register of Deeds, some other types of liens, such as money judgments, state tax liens, etc. are filed in other offices. The Register of Deeds does not perform title searches, nor do we provide legal advice or opinions on title.


    Can I do my own title search?  Strictly speaking, the answer is "yes". Practically speaking, however, the answer is probably "no". The records in the Register of Deeds office are open for public inspection. However, you should be familiar with how real estate records are organized and how to perform a "Grantor/Grantee" and a "Tract Index" search. Additionally, there may be documents on file with other county offices that may impact a property.

              The expertise a professional title searcher offers is well worth the money you will spend – especially when you compare it to the value of the transaction you are about to enter.


    What other information is available on line from Sauk County?

    Tax information is available through the Sauk County Treasurer.  You should also visit the Sauk County GIS sites for parcels maps and other land related information.  The links for these sites and more are available on the Sauk County website.    


    For general questions about the Register of Deeds, you may also visit the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association website at:







LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents. With LandShark, you can search for land record documents and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer.



LandShark is designed to be used by two different types of users: daily users and occasional users:








    • Daily Users: LandShark is an Internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate related firms that operate in Wisconsin and need daily access to the land records in the Sauk County Register of Deeds office. If your real estate related firm needs only occasional access, or if your computer expertise is limited, please consider using Occasional LandShark instead. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system. If you represent a Wisconsin firm interested in searching the real estate records in the Sauk County Register of Deeds Office on a daily basis, click Daily LandShark.
    • Occasional Users: LandShark has an Internet option for the Occasional User working in the real estate related business.

      If you do not have a good real estate background, you are best advised to visit the office of your local register of deeds and get assistance to locate your documents.

      If you do have a good real estate background, you will have no difficulty using LandShark.

      Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system. If you are interested in searching the real estate records in the Sauk County Register of Deeds Office, click Occasional LandShark.







Welcome to LandShark

LandShark is free to use!

You will only notice a charge if you decide to download the scanned image of the document associated with the recording information you are viewing.  If you are simply checking your property for any recent activity,  perform a search by name and inspect the basic recording information.

Please click the "About" tab in the upper left of the screen for more information and helpful hints!

 Use a credit card to purchase scanned document images from LandShark. Click the image icon and you will be directed on making payment.  We do not keep any credit card information.

You may search grantor/grantee on LandShark from 1975 to the present. Legal description searches are available from 2004 to present. Certified Survey Maps (CSMs) and plats are available online from 1845 to the present.  When searching for CSMs and plats, you will need to change the start date to 1845. 

To view a scanned version of the index books kept in the Register of Deeds
 check our Grantor/Grantee archive
. Book entries will range from the mid 1800s until late 1986. Once you find a document from the book, you may access from LandShark by entering the document number.


If you have any questions about using this site, please call Brent Bailey, Register of Deeds, (608) 355-3288.


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