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Welcome to LandShark

LandShark is free to use!

You will only notice a charge if you decide to download the scanned image of the document associated with the recording information you are viewing.  If you are simply checking your property for any recent activity,  perform a search by name and inspect the basic recording information.

Please click the "About" tab in the upper left of the screen for more information and helpful hints!

 Use a credit card to purchase scanned document images from LandShark. Click the image icon and you will be directed on making payment.  We do not keep any credit card information.

You may search grantor/grantee on LandShark from 1975 to the present. Legal description searches are available from 2004 to present. Certified Survey Maps (CSMs) and plats are available online from 1845 to the present.  When searching for CSMs and plats, you will need to change the start date to 1845. 

To view a scanned version of the index books kept in the Register of Deeds
 check our Grantor/Grantee archive
. Book entries will range from the mid 1800s until late 1986. Once you find a document from the book, you may access from LandShark by entering the document number.


If you have any questions about using this site, please call Brent Bailey, Register of Deeds, (608) 355-3288.


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